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Makers Market

Come shop in over 15 showrooms to find
truly unique and meaningful gifts for the holidays
December 8th | 11am-8pm
Open to all

Maker: Lori Weitzner
Showroom: Artistic Tile, 9th Floor
Lori Weitzner is an established textile designer, who has taken her techniques, aesthetics, and design sense from the interiors world to create hand-embroidered and beaded jewelry and accessories in lustrous hues of silver and gold that are soulful, tactile, and sensory.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, Lori’s jewelry designs can be worn in multiple ways, and all of them have a chameleon-like versatility in the moods they conjure and the styles they enhance. Featuring double-sided handwork, these classically beautiful designs are perfect for the holidays – and beyond.

Maker: Mana Made
Showroom: Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, 5th Floor
Mana Made is an NYC-based brand founded by Amanda ‘Mana’ Paulsen. Each piece of jewelry is designed by Mana and handcrafted using recycled metals. The jewelry is produced in small batches using sustainable fabrication processes in NYC and LA. Collections are a combination of classic and vintage-inspired styles designed for everyday wear. With accessibility in mind, all pieces are available in brass and sterling silver options and can be custom ordered in gold.

Maker: Poured Candle Bar
Showroom: Cosentino, 3rd Floor
Poured Candle Bar is New York’s first candle bar offering a unique retail meets wine bar destination in Hudson, NY. They produce custom candles, perfumes, and home diffusers from nearly 70 different scents to create a one-of-a-kind olfactory experience.

Maker: Ginette NY
Showroom: Drummonds Bathrooms, 8th Floor
A brand dedicated to strong women, aware of their own power and uniqueness. GINETTE NY originated the concept of Contemporary Jewelry and created a world where each woman can invent her own modernity, made of a subtle balance of achievements, emotions, and sensuality. Pure materials and natural stones, architectural and design inspiration, the luxury of simplicity, and purity of shapes, the collections are the reflection of a unique artistic expression.

Maker: BLK & GLD NY
Showroom: Fisher & Paykel, 3rd Floor
BLK & GLD NY is an upcycled bespoke clothing brand that has a more urban and hip vibe to it.
Handmade in New York, this gender-neutral brand started out as kids-specific and has grown to include select adult sizes and accessories in response to the excitement and demand for these designs.

Maker: Salvage Sacs
Showroom: Fisher & Paykel, 3rd Floor
Salvage Sacs is debut project of New York designer Stacey Skordas, melding her love of American Pop Culture with her passion for vintage couture style.

Stacey creates unique handbags, totes, and accessories using vintage findings sourced from across the globe. Her designs feature well-loved recycled denims, luxurious and buttery leathers, beach towels salvaged from the world’s most prestigious luxury houses, and iconic imagery from touch points in American retro culture.

Crafted with both precision and abandon, Salvage Sacs embraces comfort with elegance, always with a dash of wit and whim.

Maker: Atelier OM
Showroom: Lefroy Brooks | Cooper & Graham, 7th Floor
Atelier OM is a responsible couture & design house with a lifestyle boutique in Woodstock, NY which features organic botanic artisanal textiles made into small-batch fashion & home collections with zero waste environmental principles.

Maker: Helen Prior
Showroom: Middleby Residential | Viking | La Cornue, 10th Floor
Helen Prior’s ceramics and textiles unite the leaves and wildflowers of the Hudson Valley with stylized flowers and patterns from her historical archives. By cutting fine lines and pressing found objects into clay, she creates intricate botanical patterns. Helen is originally from the UK, her studio is in Kingston NY.

Maker: Ioannis Coffee Chef
Showroom: SMEG, 7th Floor
Ioannis Coffee Chef is a boutique company located in Brooklyn, NY that inspires people to “choose coffee with a heartbeat”. They are a “farm to cup” company that sources the most ethical coffees from underrepresented regions all across the world. They love the adventure of exploring new coffee origins, experimenting with different roasting and blending techniques, and creating memorable signature recipes and experiences.

Maker: Cannery Camp
Showroom: BauTeam German Kitchen Tailors, 9th Floor
Cannery Camp is a Brooklyn, NY-based furniture company that handcrafts unique accent stools and home objects. Cannery Camp strives to honor traditional craftsmanship, building all of their pieces by hand using sustainably forested American timber.

Maker: Likha
Showroom: Hans Krug Fine European Cabinetry, 9th Floor
We feature a collection of sustainably-sourced, ethically-made pieces ranging from home décor to fashion accessories. Our products are crafted from natural, eco-friendly materials including natural straw and plant fiber, coco coir, sustainably-sourced shells, and recycled wood. Designed in collaboration with our artisans, each item is painstakingly made by hand and features a blend of intricate traditional techniques and modern design.

Maker: Jonathan Castro Designs
Showroom: Siematic, 8th Floor
Jonathan Castro’s ceramic influence, from a functional standpoint, has mainly been Japanese-styled pottery. Though the functional form may be inspired by another culture, his glaze color choices are strongly influenced by his Puerto Rican Heritage. Blues & Turquoise and sandy clay colors reminding him of the beaches of Cabo Rojo, where his family is from. In his sculptural work are objects of clay but made to look like shells, underwater plants, & sea urchin-like creatures. This fusion of two cultures, one of ceremonial interest and one of personal cultural experience, is the unique combination that helps elevate and inspire the handmade work of Jonathan Castro Designs.

Maker: My Kinda Thing
Showroom: Siematic, 8th Floor
My Kinda Thing encompasses designer Aniqua Wilkerson non-traditional take on the old art form of crochet. From crazy hats to imaginary creatures, her crochet creations are not the kinda things grandmothers make. Aniqua’s collection of Black/Brown dolls (Beautifully Brown Doll Collection) is about more than just doll making. It’s about representation through positive imagery. It’s about creating designs in a rainbow of brown skin tones and hairstyles/textures that realistically depict children of color. The mission of this wonderfully unique doll collection is to promote pride and confidence in children of color, particularly girls in efforts to combat self hate. Her dolls have been a teaching tools created with love and purpose much like the individuals who purchase them.

Maker: I’m That Stitch
Showroom: Siematic, 8th Floor
I’m That Stitch is a handmade one-of-a-kind purse brand that uses carefully curated materials from recycling and travels throughout Turkey and Germany. Every purse is unique with h that andles can be swapped to make the purses more versatile. The purse designer is also an interior designer, drawing inspiration from architecture and timeless color palettes.

Maker: KAEIU
Showroom: Paris Ceramics, 7th Floor
KAEIU is a brand of stylish and functional bags, designed to transition with the different stages of a woman’s life: motherhood, work, travel, & leisure.

Maker: Poglia
Showroom: JennAir Luxury Appliances, 4th Floor
Poglia, a lifestyle brand based in Brooklyn that specializes in handcrafting knives, leather bags and loom-woven blankets. No two Poglia products are the same. They are designed in New York and handmade in the Poglia workshop in the South of Brazil.

Maker: Homa Studios
Showroom: Ornare, 4th Floor
Homa Studios creates objects that propose new visions of the everyday. Their intention is to go beyond the physical home, in search of the surprises and joys found within. You’ll find Homa melding craftsmanship, emerging technology, and uncompromising collaboration in all of its explorations.

Maker: Sunside & Co.
Showroom: J Geiger Shading, 3rd Floor
Sunside & Co. is the working collaboration between NY-based designers Molly Burke of Fleetwood Floral, and Alix Davis of AED to create a curated collection of handmade glass homewares.

Maker: Kardigan
Showroom: Florense, 3rd Floor
Kardigan offers distinct home accessories. A balance of soft goods, fragrance, baskets, and one-of-a-kind specialties we call Objet.

Maker: Ascari Bicycles
Showroom: Florense, 3rd Floor
Classically-designed and hand-built bicycle maker, Ascari Bicycles, uses time-proven techniques and the best materials to create a furniture collection in collaboration with Florense. In addition to these pieces Ascari will showcase smaller items that designer Helio Ascari creates using similar techniques.