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Perfect Pairings

Vintage details, new designs.

Newson says making Bilbury brassware with the “lost wax casting” technique allows for greater design flexibility.

When a company known for stocking baths with timeless creations teams with a designer who’s shaped things from jewelry to aircraft, the results deliver throwback style that feels fresh all over again. Marc Newson says he has long admired the “refreshingly and reassuringly analogue feel” of Drummonds. So it makes sense that their collaboration resulted in the Bilbury Tap & Shower— its fixtures offering the reassuring appeal of rotary telephones—and the Coln bath, which feels eternal while also allowing clients to personalize details such as foot finishes. Newsome enjoyed combining time- tested techniques with modern materials to create forward-looking baths that nod to the past.

Reilly’s designs include the Gem Hanging Light and Bamba Floor Lamp.

Famed for innovations such as incorporating electric light into wax candles, Kevin Reilly has been sharing
his minimalist lighting creations with customers through Holly Hunt for two decades. Though the designs’ lines are clean and classic, Reilly’s pieces also shape light in significant ways—framing it with the lines of unique geometry or letting it play peekaboo around bands of metal. The collaboration has led to hanging pendants, standing lamps, wall sconces and more—united by shared elements such as light diffused through creamy shades. The pieces can be adapted to any decor because their metal elements are available in finishes such as Natural-Steel Patina or Mirror Nickel. So what is the philosophy behind Reilly’s illuminated creations? “Lighting should serve a sculptural/ decorative function,” Reilly explains, “while providing illumination, comfort and a defined space.”

Lefroy Brooks/Cooper & Graham President Warren Pearl says the Aides Collection by AB Concept is about “transcending the functional,” elevating bath design to an art.

The Lefroy Brooks/Cooper & Graham showroom combines the best of two luxury bath brands. Thanks to a collaboration with AB Concept, that now includes Aides for Cooper & Graham. Ed Ng and Terence Ngan of AB Concept sought inspiration from water’s potential to be both soft and strong—imbuing the collection with graceful curves and lines: handles extend from their centers like gymnasts around a high bar. These details add interest to a line that otherwise gravitates toward Art Deco. Ng and Ngan call the collaboration “a joy.”

La Cornue says color has always been a hallmark of their standard-setting French ranges.

La Cornue first led the way in gas range technology at the dawn of the 20th century—about 50 years before Steve McQueen became a household name tearing up cinema screens driving sleek sports cars. Now, another half-century after that, renowned designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard is bringing the vivid enamel colors of McQueen’s automotive era to La Cornue’s Château ranges. “With the addition of these extraordinary, fresh and iconic colors, I can instantly create modernity or provide classic elegance,” says Bullard. The versatile line also boasts appropriately race-y names like Grand Prix Grey and Le Mans Burgundy.