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Origin Story

A collection of rugs inspired by the formation of the Earth.

Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance was inspired by the formation of Earth itself in conceiving and designing Raw, his new collection for Tai Ping, available at Edward Fields. The collection’s focus on the texture and planes of minerals echoes his own memories of his childhood in Brittany in France, with its wind and ocean carved cliffs on coasts.

Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

Raw uses the softness of hand-tufted rugs to create something pliant and luxurious out of the hardest of materials—marble, stone, and earth. Duchaufour-Lawrance sees the designs as strong foundations for interiors. “By introducing this reference to untamed nature, I am translating something raw into a smooth and elegant anchor inside the home,” he explains.

The collection includes eleven refined rugs blending wool, silk, delicate silk, jute, lurex, and Field, one of Tai Ping’s enhanced performance yarns.

Duchaufour-Lawrance says, “Each pencil stroke I made is transcribed onto the rug, but with a different relationship to time. The line that took me just a moment to draw took much longer to tuft by hand into the design, just as the rock that I pick up in the forest took millions of years to form.” He continues, “I find those temporal modalities interesting, particularly as some of the rugs look like a sketch that has required hundreds of hours of work.”

Krunio I

Tai Ping’s gifted artisans were able to translate the drawings’ modeled volumes without losing their subtlety, so that the rugs seem carved, like a found piece of flint. “Tai Ping found the right balance to keep the drawing’s spirit. The rug exists as an object of its own. This interpretation of my drawings demonstrates extraordinary craftsmanship. Each design was enhanced in a way I could not have anticipated,” Duchaufour-Lawrance says.

The vision for Raw is not just a picture on the floor, but an invitation to engage with nature’s most primal materials in the context of the most personal of spaces, the home. The shaped silhouettes are graphic in nature and add textural and sculptural interest to a room.

Edward Fields and Tai Ping have been creating art for the floors for decades, and this new collection creates art from the drama of nature.