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Making History

Architect Daniel Germani and leading surfacing manufacturer Cosentino unveil Dekton Pietra Kode.

Dekton Pietra Kode in Ceppo

In Cosentino’s third collaboration with award-winning designer and architect Daniel Germani, modern innovation meets classical beauty. Dekton Pietra Kode, their new ultracompact stone collection, finds its inspiration in the warmth and soul of three ancient, natural stones—Travertino, Ceppo di Gré, and Pietra di Vicenza—all found in magnificent, historic Italian cities.

Dekton Pietra Kode in Grafite

“Rome was built in Travertino,” explains Germani. “In Lombardi, you see Ceppo di Gré. If you pay attention, half of Milan is built in Ceppo. Pietra di Vicenza is another stone that is found in Vicenza and Palladio built all his villas with that.”

Dekton Pietra Kode in Marmorio

Although inspired by these natural stones, Dekton Pietra Kode’s three designs are actually ultracompact, man-made surfaces created from a mixture of more than 20 minerals—and made possible by Cosentino’s years of technological innovations and feats of engineering. The material is stain- and fade-resistant and due to its strength and durability, can be used in a multitude of indoor and outdoor applications including facades, flooring, bathrooms, kitchens, and furniture.

Dekton Pietra Kode in Grigio

Emulating natural stone with that kind of history is a noble task to embark on but armed with Cosentino’s revolutionary technologies Germani was able to execute his vision. “How do you do it so that you still keep the soul of the original without being the original?” asks Germani. “That is the most challenging part of developing this. Trying to make it look like nature is a huge challenge. I loved the process.”

Germani and Cosentino have created something that will stand the test of time. With incredible durability and enduring design, these new surfaces will grace everything from walls to walkways—and will be appreciated for generations to come.

Dekton Pietra Kode in Marmorio

All photos courtesy of Cosentino.