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Kitchen Alfresco

With the help of Cubic Outdoor Living, Eggersmann’s new collection confronts the great outdoors.

For the past 116 years, Eggersmann has garnered a reputation for making cutting-edge, customizable cabinetry for kitchens, closets and beyond. But thanks to its Outdoor Living by Eggersmann USA, which debuted earlier this year at the 2024 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), the brand is finally heeding its call of the wild. According to Evan Soltoff, vice president of operations at Eggersmann USA, the foray into the great outdoors felt like a natural extension to this legacy brand—one that many clients have been requesting for years.

“Our customers would feel so comfortable with the fit and finish of their inside, but wouldn’t know what to do outdoors,” he shares. “They would be working with their landscape architect to create an outdoor oasis, and the outdoor kitchen took up a lot of space but wasn’t as high-end as the indoor kitchen.”

The secret, however, was to find the perfect collaborator. As Soltoff points out, designing cabinetry for the outdoors is a “completely different process” from the indoor storage Eggersmann has perfected. To transform this idea into a reality, they partnered with Cubic Outdoor Living, which specializes in outdoor kitchens and furniture. Though both Eggersmann and Cubic Outdoor Living may both be renowned, family-owned brands based in Germany, Soltoff says the synergy between the two companies isn’t just surface-level.

Eggersmann Outdoorliving

Eggersmann’s Outdoor Living collection comes in four different styles, made from sustainable materials and suitable for year-round outdoor use.

“Their vision of bringing the indoors outside—as well as taking the same look and aesthetic and function that people expect in an indoor kitchen and bringing it to the out- side market—is in a perfect alignment with ours,” he explains. “We wouldn’t be able to have a partnership if it weren’t for them, and they without us.”

With four lines under the collection—named C1, C2, C3 and C4—Outdoor Living offers a breadth of styles for the most discerning clientele. “C4 is a transitional product with a vertical or horizontal grooving structure to cater to a more traditional space,” Soltoff details. “Meanwhile, C3 has an organic look with the waterproof Sequoia [wood] and porcelain overlay.” Not only are the materials used in Outdoor Living suitable for outside use year-round, but they’re also sustainably minded, thanks to the FSC-certified wood and water-based paints used throughout.

True to the Eggersmann ethos, the Outdoor Living line can be customized to fit a customer’s needs. “We can integrate sinks, dishwashers and even outdoor-rated appliances you normally wouldn’t think to put outside,” shares Soltoff. “If you want to include silverware, our storage drawers have gasketing and are designed to be sealed not only against moisture, snow, dust and wind debris, but also pests.”

An outdoor kitchen that combats the elements and looks good doing it? Heading outside just became a lot more compelling.