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Haute Water

A private escape has never seemed more necessary.

In Zaha Hadid’s architectural masterpiece, 1000 Museum, in Miami, B&B Italia’s chic, high-design furniture surrounds the sky-high lap pool with views of the city. Mirto chaise lounges designed by Antonio Citterio, recline gracefully at one end of the pool. Along the side, Bay’s enveloping braided volumes create a place to nest in style.

Take a break from the faces looking back at you in “gallery view,” and immerse yourself in inspirational spaces that provide the ultimate in stress relief. Here in the new normal, home gyms, spa baths, hot tubs, and pools are suddenly critical to surviving long days of remote learning, tele- conferences, virtual backgrounds, and webinars. While we might still be nervous about heading to the day spa for a hot stone massage, a steam shower at home just might do the trick.

If going to the gym still feels fraught with risk, innovative ideas for a home exercise space might be something to contemplate. If you are tired of “signing in” to get your workout fix, an analog experience might be just the ticket. Weight benches and racks can be incorporated into a spa bath without sacrificing style or function.

And if plunging into a pool for a refreshing swim is more your speed, you have only to find a location like that of Zaha Hadid’s elegant, curvilinear 1000 Musuem with its aquatic center featuring a double-height indoor pool and 60th floor sky lounge. When the laps are done, relax poolside with views of Biscayne Bay and Miami Beach’s tropical-chic skyline.

Scavolini gym space

Gym Space, designed by Mattia Pareschi for Scavolini, incorporates a wall-mounted exercise system into the bath, combining physical well-being with personal grooming. Gymnastic wall bars form the base, which can be personalized with accessories such as weight benches, training bands, and TRX systems, and can also hold bath accessories such as lights, soap dishes, storage elements, and mirrors.

Drummonds Chessleton

The Chessleton surface-mounted shower by Drummonds is inspired by Art Deco design, and its sleek profile makes a dramatic statement in the bath. It features an overhead rose showerhead and a handshower, and the exposed pipework allows each to be used simultaneously. It is precision-cast in solid brass, is available in a range of finishes, and can be customized with any of Drummonds’ classic shower heads.

Home Spa

Left: In a Watermill spa bath by Jennifer Cohler Mason, the floor-to-ceiling windows provide a connection with nature. A deep, freestanding tub provides the ultimate in relaxation, and the minimal and modern elements allow the view to shine. Complete privacy is available at the touch of a button, turning the glass windows from clear to opaque white. Stone floors from Artistic Tile, all fixtures and accessories through Ferguson. Photography by Brett Beyer.
Right: Artistic Tile’s Tappeti blue mosaic tile is inspired by textile warp and weft, and uses four vibrant but harmonious stone colors. Photography courtesy Artistic Tile.

Hastings Urban Luxury

For the home spa, Hastings Tile & Bath’s elegant and functional Urban Luxury HPL countertop with a vessel sink, combined with the Urban freestanding two-drawer side cabinet, a custom wall storage unit, and a Loop mirror.

Artistic Tile

In a natatorium, contrasting patterns and textures by Artistic Tile create visual interest. Granada Smoke, Arpell Bianco, Calacatta Gold, Danse Lucido, Valencia, and Damask Azul tiles in soft blues and grays create an engaging feast for the eyes. Photography courtesy Artistic Tile.