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Back to Nature

Why biophilic design is here to stay.

Shower fixtures and faucet from House of Rohl through Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

As the world’s fascination with technology—and even artificial intelligence—is ever-growing, it’s even more important to remember the value of nature and its potential for greater health and well-being.

One of the most important places to keep that connection to nature is in the home and that’s where the concept of biophilic design comes into play. Either directly or indirectly, biophilic design brings nature into the built environment and creates a greater harmony between the two.

Emmeline kitchen faucet from Delta through Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

Ideas like biophilic design are keenly noted by brands in the home building industry. Working with millions of homeowners over their 70 years in the business, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery has its finger on the pulse of trends like this and knows what Americans are looking for in their homes and what it is they respond to.

Caroline Danielson, Director of Showrooms at Ferguson, oversees more than 250 showrooms under their network from coast to coast and is always one of the first to identify what’s important in the home space.

“It’s really beyond nature,” Danielson points out. “It’s about how we think about biophilic design in the senses of your body. So, when we think about home design and that built environment, we’re really thinking about making a home that feels like home.”

Papillon bathtub from Stone Forest through Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

That intention can reveal itself in many ways. Even more than adding plants and greenery, this could mean anything from building skylights that let in more natural light to putting in a soaking tub to bring calm at the end of a day. It could be adding the therapeutic fragrance of eucalyptus to your steam shower or could even simply be the texture and feel of the wood grain on a kitchen cabinet.

“Whether that’s bringing the outside in or intentionally placing products that elevate those five senses, I think that really does curate a very happy home,” says Danielson. “I really think that’s what this kind of biophilic trend is saying. It’s bringing life into your home again.”

Tinsley outdoor shower from Signature Hardware through Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery